At the last meeting, pension consultant Norman Rosenfeld informed us that your Transit date of appointment may be different from your date of enrollment in NYCERS. It may be a few days or many weeks. The difference means you are not getting credit for all of your TA time. To make sure you get pension credits for every day of your Transit service, you can buy back the time between your date of appointment and date of NYCERS enrollment. Log onto the NYCERS web site (see tab on home page) and look for your date of enrollment. If there is a big difference, it may be worth buying back the time. Look for the buy back tab to download the form. Some payroll records NYCERS has are incomplete, so you may need to have Transit provide documentation. After all papers are submitted, NYCERS will send you a bill to purchase the time. No one can tell you how much you will owe until you first file the form with NYCERS.