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We are the Transit Managerial Benevolent Association, a not for profit organization dedicated to protecting the rights of non- represented managerial employees. We represent managers throughout the New York City Transit Authority, MaBSTOA, MTA Bus Company, and the Staten Island Rapid Transit Operating Authority.

The Transit Managerial Benevolent Association was founded when the Transit Authority introduced a new managerial concept in 1984 that reclassified many from supervisory positions into the newly created managerial titles. The Transit Managerial Benevolent Association serves this function and its membership have grown to well over 550 active and 150 retired members.

From its inception, the Transit Managerial Benevolent Association has achieved the following:
Held meetings with the Transit Authority President, Labor Relations Vice President and other Senior Vice Presidents.

Met with — and continue to meet with — senior managers to discuss inequities of the performance review system and pay procedures.

Restored status of TMBA Members unjustly demoted or reassigned.

Protected and represented TMBA Members rights at disciplinary hearings.

Over the past few years, we have been active along with other organizations striving to acquire for our members the same pension benefits enjoyed by the people we supervise.

In order for the Transit Managerial Benevolent Association to achieve its goals we need to enlist all MTA Non-Represented Managers & Non-Represented Administrative titles to join our Association. We have strength in numbers.

Only with a united membership can we achieve our goals. This is your chance to have your voice heard along with your managerial peers. To join the Transit Managerial Benevolent Association, fill out an enrollment form (download application link in tab JOIN TMBA on home page) or call the Association council member in your area. If you do not know who he or she is you can write or e-mail us at the above. The dues which are NOT TAX DEDUCTABLE are $10.00 per pay period. Come join us at our meetings and see what a United Association of Non-Represented titles can accomplish.


Michael J. Landi, President; Carlos Pacheco, Vice President Buses; Frank De Simone, Vice President Rapid; Debra Martinez, Vice President Support; Ramon Paez, Secretary and Richard Di Puma, Treasurer.