When your children graduate High School, no need to worry about health coverage. Under the Affordable Care Act, our medical & hospitalization plan covers all dependent children until they reach their 26th birthday. Both married and unmarried children are eligible for this coverage. They need not be full time college students for this coverage. However, this may change with the new administration.

Supplemental benefits such as dental & vision care are not covered under the Affordable Care Act. This coverage is available to dependent children only if they are full time students. You must submit full time student verification every semester to ensure continuation of benefits.

Make sure any College documentation indicates that they are attending full time. If it only says enrolled, the BSC will bounce it back.

If your children don’t attend college, dental & vision will be offered under COBRA. Rates and enrollment info will come in the mail from the P&A Group, Buffalo NY. They are contracted by the MTA to provide COBRA. The phone number at P&A is 800.688.2611. If you call the BSC they will inform you to wait for the paperwork or call P&A directly. You are NOT obligated to sign up for COBRA coverage. However, upon receipt of notice there is a time period to enroll (set by Federal Law).