If you forgot a password but maybe saved it, here is how to recover it from the browser.

FIREFOX: Open a Firefox page; on the top toolbar click TOOLS; select OPTIONS; in the window that opens, click SECURITY on the left, then click SAVED LOGINS on the right for websites that you saved passwords. Click SHOW PASSWORDS on lower right. A window will open asking ARE YOU SURE YOU WISH TO SHOW PASSWORDS, click YES. On exiting be sure to click HIDE PASSWORDS.

CHROME: Open a Chrome page, in upper right corner click the Chrome menu (looks like 3 stacked horizontal lines); choose SETTINGS; at bottom of the page , click SHOW ADVANCED SETTINGS link; scroll down to PASSWORDS and FORMS and click MANAGE PASSWORDS; in window that opens, select website whose password you want to see; click SHOW; on exiting, be sure to click HIDE.

No option currently exists for INTERNET EXPLORER.