We had a large turnout of TMBA members for our December 1st meeting. President Hakim spoke and then took questions from TMBA members on a variety of issues. Among the subjects that were brought up:

  • in the last contract negotiations, every Transit Union has been given a Commuter Pass (with no givebacks) yet the Managers haven’t gotten this benefit
  • the issue of¬†Supervisors that get promoted to Managerial titles having a starting salary more than Managers already in title for many years
  • in weather emergencies, Union workers are paid for every hour worked, while Managers on the property for 16, 20 and sometimes 24 hours end up with only 12 hours
  • those Managers formerly with the private bus lines that were brought over to MTA Bus have an inferior pension plan
  • hourly and supervisor unionized titles were given larger percentage raises than the Managers that supervise them
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