All members and their families should be aware of this important vote for this coming election day. YOUR PENSION CAN BE IMPACTED!! On November 7, 2017, voters will go into voting booths throughout NYS and, as they are every 20 years, will be faced with the Constitutionally mandated question, “Shall there be a convention to revise the constitution and amend the same?” For those of you interested, there is link below for the NYS Constitution.

The legal process for conducting a voter-initiated convention can be found outlined in Article XIX of the NY State Constitution: 

1.    A majority of state-wide voters consider the question of convening a constitutional convention on the ballot Nov., 2017. 

2.    If a majority of voters approve the convention, 3 delegates in each of the 63 state senate districts and 15 statewide at-large delegates are elected by voters in November 2018. 

3.    These 204 delegates, once selected, then convene in Albany beginning in April 2019 for the limited purpose of holding a convention to discuss reforms to the supreme law of our state they have the ability to propose for consideration. 

4.    Changes approved by more than a majority of the delegates assembled are then put before voters, where an affirmative majority vote would ratify the changes to the state constitution.

NYS Constitution revised 2015