As non represented Managers, we are eligible for short term and long term disability payments. This insurance is part of our medical benefits. The Transit policy as well as forms are in the RESOURCES tab under BSC MEMOS/FORMS. Each department should have a liaison to HR/BSC for filing FMLA & Disability forms. Seek out this person for assistance.

  • Prior to short term disability benefits taking effect, you must exhaust all sick time and all but 10 working days of vacation time.
  • While you are out on short term disability, you will not be accruing vacation, holiday or sick time.
  • The initial 26 weeks (6 months) need not be consecutive. This allows an employee to have treatments and work at the same time.
  • You should fill out both FMLA & Short term disability forms.
  • A verified illness is one where submitted medical documents meet the criteria established under FMLA.
  • For more than one occurrence, you may be carried at full pay under short term disability for a maximum 52 weeks combined over the term of your employment.
  • If out on disability, on May 1st, you may notice that you were credited with vacation and sick time. This will be adjusted and the time you accrued in error will be deducted.