I want to apologize for the problem with the notification mailing for our December 2019 meeting. We strive to notify the membership of upcoming meetings on a timely basis. However, it did not happen in this case, so for that, we apologize.  All our meeting dates for the year are posted on the website, so if a mailing didn’t arrive, you can check online.

At our December 5th General Membership meeting, we were pleased to have with us Mr. Kenneth Tobin, Acting Vice President, MTA Security and David H. Lang, Security and New Technologies, Department of Security as our guest speakers. Both Mr. Tobin and Mr. Lang conducted an informative discussion on personal security both on and off the job.   

For our June 04, 2020 meeting, we had scheduled Mr. George Russo, Retirement Counselor, Prudential Retirement. Mr. Russo handles the MTA’s 401/457K plans. However, due to the Corona Virus and the amount of affected people we had to cancel the June meeting. We will try to reschedule Mr. Russo for a future meeting.  However, Mr. Russo is available to speak with a member, he can be reached at 917-579-3851 or at George.russo@prudential.com if you need any information.

Because of the Coronavirus COVID 19, New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo has  issued Executive Order #208.18 which Waives Waiting Period for Public Workers’ Retirement. Under the existing laws public employees must wait 15 days before their service retirement date is effective. The 15-day window exists to provide public employees an opportunity to change their minds about retirement, since the decision is irrevocable.  Public employees seeking to retire during the COVID-19 pandemic should go to https://www.nyretirementnews.com/15-day-notice-for-retirement-waived-during-covid-19-emergency/ for more information.

As a benevolent association, we try to have a guest speaker with topics which may be of interest to the membership. We would like to hear from you with suggestions that you may have on future speakers and topics. Please send your suggestions to TMBA, PO Box 570087, Whitestone, NY, 11357-0087 or email: mtatmba@aol.com. 

The Social Security Administration warns that Social Security frauds are on the rise. Be cautious about providing personal information to someone who calls asking for Cash; Retail Gift Cards; Prepaid Debit Cards; or Wire Transfers; (Social Security Employees will never call requesting this information). Never provide payment to callers over the phone. If you receive a suspicious call or are unsure of the identity  of someone from Social Security HANG UP and notify the Social Security Office of the Inspector General at https://oig.ssa.gov/ The Social Security Administration, beginning on January 8, 2020, has expanded its Wednesday field offices hours from 9:00AM to 4:00PM. You can call them at

1-(800)-772-1213 to locate their field offices or to find out what services are available.

Did you know, that according to New York City Comptroller Scott M. Stringer. As of June 2019, the five New York City Retirement Systems serving Teachers, Police Officers, Firefighters, Employees, and members of the Board of Education had total assets of $207 Billion. An all-time high. I guess our pension is secure and hopefully will remain that way in the future.

The United States Postal Service offers a free mailing notification service where you can view what is being mailed to your home address prior to actual delivery. Go to www.usps.com and open “Informed Delivery.” Follow the instructions to set up this free program.   

When signing and dating legal documents, do not use 20 as year 2020. March 3, 2020 being written as 03/03/20 could be modified to 03/03/2018 or 03/03/2019 etc.

Protect yourself: “DO NOT ABBREVIATE 2020.”

If you know of anyone retiring, or being promoted, or articles which may be of interest to the membership, please send the information to TMBA, P.O. Box 570087, Whitestone, NY, 11357-0087 and we will place their names and articles in the newsletter.

It is with deep sadness that we announce the passing of the following: John M. McGuinness, retired Assistant Chief Transportation Officer, Department of Subways; Vladimir Beryozkin, Retired Manager; Anthony Luisi, retired General Superintendent, Division of Car Equipment; John Pellicani, retired manager of Office Services, Engineering & Construction MTA/NYCT. Our thoughts and prayers go out to each of their families.

Remember, when you need to speak to a member of the Executive Board, or are moving to a new address, please notify us so we can update our records. If you’re an operational manager from the Department of Buses call Carlos Pacheco at (718)-614-8042, if you’re an operational manager from the Department of Subways, call Frank DeSimone at (917)-859-6843 and if you’re an administrative manager call Debbie Martinez at (917)-881-2606 for assistance.