Dear Colleagues,

Although the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic continue to put pressure on the MTA’s financial position, I’m pleased to announce that we are now able to approve a two percent general wage increase to all full-time, non-represented MTA employees. 

This increase is retroactive and effective as of January 1, 2021. By mid-December 2021, employees should see a two percent increase in their paychecks. By March 2022, they should receive a lump sum amount for their retroactive pay. Your agency’s HR representative will share with you, in the coming weeks, more specific eligibility requirements, individual rates of pay, and payment schedules. 

I am also happy to say that MTA is introducing a new benefit to full-time, non-represented employees. Starting in December, just after all employees return to their pre-COVID place of work, the MTA will be providing an expanded commutation pass to employees who use an MTA service operated by an MTA Agency other than the one they work for. For example, NYCT employees who commute on LIRR will be eligible to receive a free LIRR transportation pass in addition to their MetroCard for commutation purposes. Your HR representative will provide additional details about eligibility, terms of use, and instructions to request the additional pass. 

As I explained in my recent presentation to the MTA Board, attracting and retaining talent is one of my top priorities. I am thrilled to be able to thank the MTA workforce for your dedication and service by resuming a cost-of-living wage increase, and providing this new, expanded commutation pass benefit.