• Long time TMBA Treasurer Rich DiPuma to be honored at DOB retiree dinner

    On May 17th, the Supervisory Retirement Committee will hold their 68th annual dinner honoring Supervisors and Managers from Buses. The event is at Riccardo’s in Astoria. Cocktail hour starts at 6pm with a sit down […]

  • 529 College Savings Plan

    This article is courtesy of The Chief Newspaper, 12.22.17 edition. For those interested in saving for your child or grand child’s school, click on the link below to access the article. It explains the ins […]

  • November Meeting Update

    Our guest speaker at the Nov 9th meeting was Michael Moran, Deputy Sr. Director for the BSC Information & Operations. He explained the benefits available to Managers and the current open enrollment period for NYSHIP. […]

  • Retiring with NYCERS

    Please note that your full pension check may take 6 months to receive. In the interim, you receive about half of what the 100% would be. Upon receipt of your Options letter, fill out and […]

  • NY MTA chair announces leadership appointments

    Posted on August 3, 2017   New York MTA Chairman Joseph Lhota announced the appointment of Patrick Foye as president and Veronique Hakimas managing director of the MTA. Foye and Hakim will serve in the newly-created Office of the Chairman, […]

  • Out-Of-State Drivers With E-Z Pass Make “E-Z” Targets (From AAA Newsletter)

    There is no doubt that E-ZPass makes paying tolls more convenient. But when drivers don’t reach into their pockets for cash, they often don’t know how much they are paying to travel on roads and bridges. This […]

  • TMBA at DOB Supervisor & Manager Retiree Dinner

    At the 67th annual retiree dinner for Managers and Supervisors, TMBA Officers were there to help honor some retired TMBA members. NYS Senator Toby Stavisky was there to present our retirees with a nice certificate. […]

  • Pension Consultant

    Click on the link below for info on our pension consultant Norman Rosenfeld and what services he can provide. This is a free service for our members who are in good standing for 3 years. […]

  • New Phone App for Cheap Broadway Tickets

    A new service for show tickets is now available on your phone. Get Broadway tickets in NYC and other places as well by purchasing tickets right from an app. No need to print them out, […]

  • MTA goes electric bus with pilot program December 2017.

    N.Y. MTA to pilot electric bus program in December 2017 Posted on April 27, 2017, from METRO magazine Rendering of New Flyer electric bus The New York MTA is beginning an electric bus pilot program […]